KB "Twelve ways to warm up your days"

KB "Twelve ways to warm up your days"

Metal /Electro/Experimental/ Instrumental

More info at http://youtube.com/kbguitarproject

6.00 EUR

Listen and buy Track by Track:

  Tracks MP3 Sample Buy Price
  Sunny Day (4'16)  0.70 EUR  
  As Far As The Eyes Can See  (4'43)  0.70 EUR  
  Rosco's New Boots  (3'36)  0.70 EUR  
  Endless Tears  (1'03)  0.70 EUR  
  Electronics For Dogs (4'57)  0.70 EUR  
  Engine Room (3'40)  0.70 EUR  
  West Wham (3'33)  0.70 EUR  
  Secret Yard (4'49)  0.70 EUR  
  Move On (3'30)  0.70 EUR  
  Breathing (vocal Version) (3'20)  0.70 EUR  
  La Folie Des Grandeurs (2'52)  0.70 EUR  
  Mosquito's Buzz (engine Room Remix) (3'09)  0.70 EUR  
  Breathing (instrumental Version) (3'20)  0.70 EUR  

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Track-listing "Twelve ways to warm up your days":

  Title Authors Duration Producer Editor
 Sunny Day  Carl Bourdin 4'16 KB KB
 As Far As The Eyes Can See   Carl Bourdin 4'43 KB KB
 Rosco's New Boots   Carl Bourdin 3'36 KB KB
 Endless Tears   Carl Bourdin 1'03 KB KB
 Electronics For Dogs  Carl Bourdin 4'57 KB KB
 Engine Room  Carl Bourdin 3'40 KB KB
 West Wham  Carl Bourdin 3'33 KB KB
 Secret Yard  Carl Bourdin 4'49 KB KB
 Move On  Carl Bourdin 3'30 KB KB
 Breathing (vocal Version)  Renaud Hantson, Carl Bourdin 3'20 KB KB
 La Folie Des Grandeurs  Michel Polnareff 2'52 KB SIDOMUSIC
 Mosquito's Buzz (engine Room Remix)  Carl Bourdin 3'09 KB KB
 Breathing (instrumental Version)  Carl Bourdin 3'20 KB KB
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